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I'm Struggling In Me Cubans
25th August 2001
What a day, I got lost looking for an office, it's my Mom's birthday and it's the final update ever for this site. Please check out the William page for a new story. Any feedback would still be appreciated, it can be sent to me or William, your choice.
6th August 2001
Well, it's been a hell of a long while since I've done anything meaningful to the site and being as the people visiting this page is unfeasibly low, and add to that the fact that I never get any feedback from anyone, I have decided to stop updating the site as it's not worthwhile. I am busy with other things and I would find the time to improve the site if I felt it was worth it, but it's not so I won't. Thanks to anyone who gave me feedback about the site, and a big thanks to "William Worthington" who has provided some of the most original, and humourous, content to any site I have seen in a while. For any John Shuttleworth related info the only site worth visiting is
20th July 2001
Only 6 days until my 21st birthday, I can feel the excitement in the air already. As you can see I have altered the main page, that old IMAP took too long to load. I'll update all the pages to be similar soon, they may be like it now, so go and have a look. I'll add the drop down menu to the William Worthington pages too, so then you can access all parts of the site from wherever you are. Also I will alter the Ken's Links page soon, I know I keep promising but I never get around to it. Also if there is anything that any of you would like added to the site then please e-mail me and I'll do my best to help.

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