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Yes, I am Ken Worthington's brother. He no longer speaks to me since we fell out over a lass in 1981. His advances were rebuffed by her (called Talulah, she later became my wife for 7 months and then ran off with a long-distance lorry driver called Derek. They now live in Formby, Merseyside. I hope they are very happy by the Irish Sea). Anyway, we haven't spoken for a long time, and he never mentions me on any of the Shuttleworth shows (television or radio) That hurts, it really does.

I believe it's time I made myself known to the wider world. I've hid my light under the proverbial bushel for too long. I thought it was time I used the information superhighway to reach out across cyberspace and give the story of my life. I want to put the record straight and give the real reason why my brother, the infamous "TV's Clarinet-Man" made such a hash of 'New Faces'. Backstage, in a rage, he put his foot through Riannon's harp. That was the beginning of the end for relationship.

I have enjoyed your website on Mr Shuttleworth, though I do think he is wasting his time trying to become a rock 'n' pop artiste. He can rock a Community center and provide a mosh-pit for senior citizens too jive in, but he'll never get them to punch the air at Wembley. He fears thronging masses too much.

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